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    Design – Implementation

    5 conceptual solutions ready to be incorporated into each American house!

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    Sunroom construction (why us):

    • Professional high quality phone consultation with product trained sales reps.
    • On-site appointment or picture/drawings remote appraisal.
    • On-site or remote consultation includes product presentation with all the framing and finish materials presentation.
    • Our design team will create a professional 3D detailed design concept for your project.
    • Our product-based sunrooms are comprehensively incorporated into your house. Our team of experts shall find a way how to implement your dreams into reality.
    • Create an additional energy efficient living space for fun family gatherings or growing the plants.
    • CustomSunroom is a GC licensed and insured company with its own labor force.
    • After design approval our company shall pull the building permit from your local building department to build your project 100% legit and under additional surveillance by the city building inspectors.
    • The project is split into certain construction phases to keep the quality of labor work under control by the project supervisor.
    • Product approach to all projects and multi-level quality control system provides outstanding results for the client’s complete satisfaction. Client satisfaction is being proven by the reviews and highest company ratings.
    • Our sunrooms are friendly for all building departments over the state of Colorado.
    • Full service from initial consultation to final building inspection passing and completion of the project.
    • Prepay is only 10% of the contract amount, all other payments are split into multiple payments related to certain completed actions for instance completed paperwork, project permitting by the city, and multiple construction phases.
    • Our customers are willing to share their experiences with new clients in person.
    • We use all types of contemporary construction methods and various types of exterior/interior finish materials such as:

    Contemporary foundation concepts applicable to your existing house foundation elevations.

    Building code compliant solid wood framing and sheeting.

    Code compliant fiberglass insulation or spray foaming.

    Interior engineered sheeting finish or drywall (texture applicable).

    Interior/Exterior finish carpentry.

    Exterior engineered sheeting, lap siding, vinyl siding (stucco/brick veneer optional).

    All roof shapes available for most of the projects such as gable, shed or hip (octagonal).

    Shingle roofing of all types.

    Tile roofing.

    Standing seam metal roofing.

    Combined interior/exterior finish available.

    Lights, ceiling fans, speakers, indoor/outdoor outlets, electrical subpanel installation for your convenience.

    Various finish flooring types such as stamped concrete, tiling, engineered flooring.

    Plumbing and Mechanical upon request.

    AP Construction, LLC is a HomeAdvisor Service Award Winner

    construction part

    1. Foundation to finish floor types.

    Mono slab on stem walls foundation to floor tile finish.

    Low elevation insulated mono slab foundation to stamped and sealed concrete finish floor.

    Regular stem wall foundation to engineered wood laminate flooring/LVT/LVP.

    Piers with footings foundation for elevated enclosures to vinyl tiles finish flooring.

    2. Floor walls and roof framing .

    Regular Doug or Hem fir wood framing according to building plans.

    3. Roof types/roofing types.

    Shinlge roofing

    Tile roofing

    Standing seam steel roofing

    4. Windows and doors.

    Vinyl Fiberglass or Wood windows and doors of all types available.

    5. Different types of skylights.

    6. Insulated glass units into wall incorporation.

    7.Plexiglass into wall incorporation.

    8. Interior finish types.


    Ceiling finish and lights.

    9.Exterior finish.



    Build your perfect sunroom addition, play room addition, living room addition, dining room addition by choosing the most desirable product option we have.

    Our sunroom options are applicable to almost each American house and are friendly for local building departments.

    Our company builds permanent house additions on solid foundation and regular framing with the familiar blending into your house interior and exterior materials.

    Custom options and accessories available upon request.

    We’ll transform your beloved house into your dream house without the stressful relocation.

    Give us a call today for your future house transformation into something you’ve been dreaming of for years.

    Accessories installation available:

    • Such as water supplies with emergency drains.
    • Drink stations with sink and fridge.
    • Hot tub installation and connection.
    • Exhaust fans, ceiling fans and fireplaces.
    • Lights and speakers.
    • Electrical/Plumbing and Mechanical work available.

    10. Hot tub installation


    Our professional team at Custom Sunrooms are here to help you design your lifestyle dreams and build them into reality. We offer a variety of services that include sunrooms, hot tub enclosures, skylights and more. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality products and services within your reasonable budget.

    Our engineers at Custom Sunrooms specialize in maximizing the comfort, convenience and efficiency of your project. We work in harmony with our customers’ unique homes to offer a finished product that is both practical and aesthetic. We are excited for your interest and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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