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    How to choose the right sunroom for my home?

    What kind of sunroom you need exactly depends on your personal desire and design features of your house. To choose a suitable sunroom you should make an appointment with our craftsperson who will make all nessesary measurements, find out your preferences and then and there advise what sunroom to construct.

    Is it worth buying a sunroom?

    The main thing making many people feel doubtful is whether building a sunroom costs its price. Nobody could answer this question because everything is up to the preferences and budget of the homeowners. One can get priceless personal pleasure and high lifestyle quality if decide to make a sunroom addition.

    Should I have a sunroom addition in my house?

    Sunrooms are perfect for letting in natural light because they’re made mainly out of glass. Homeowners always have a sunroom addition in the original house as an affordable interior when they want to create full of sunlight space connected with nature.

    Is it necessary to have a building permit to construct a sunroom?

    It is necessary to have building permits. Almost all communities require a permit to build a sunroom. Our specialists will help you to formalize the construction permit.

    My old window leaks, what warranty will I get not to have my new one leaking?

    Velux gives a 19-year warranty on its products. Our window specialists have extensive experience working with the roof, which eliminates any leaks associated with the window material.

    I have no window area but I want to let in some sunlight, so is it possible to cut out an area in my roof?

    There is a 95% technical possibility to do this, as long as it does not damage the lifting force of the roof. Velux windows are specially designed in accordance with the American Window Code and can be installed in any type of roof.

    Will I have any heat losses if I install skylights?

    Velux guarantees high quality standards for all its products. Our specialists guarantee adequate installation of the product and the use of the most energy-saving insulation materials.